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Empower Network (a complete and comprehensive internet marketing content publishing blogging platform, personal development mindset training, and purpose-driven financial opportunity) is challenging the status quo by pioneering a new paradigm shift into a freedom-oriented online business model paying out higher commissions than ever before set out to change, enhance and uplift an entire MLM industry which is all but over-populated and polluted with outdated practices and philosophies.

As Empower Network continues to adapt, adjust and advance through the evolving times into a wildy-successful digital-based home based business opportunity, The Empowered Networker invites all interested-spectators the necessary authenticity and transparency required to stop being a wussy, start fighting the forces of evil, releasing your inner badass, and getting money like we deserve and are worthy of with a sincere heart-felt message and perspective.

The Empowered Networker’s energetic vision is to help invoke inspiration from within and create thought-focused action amongst like-minded people searching for a higher way of life by providing value and delivering quality information into a global marketplace wanting to hear your story and truth.

Empower Network’s inception began October 31, 2011 with one goal, dream, and purpose in mind: YOU.

The CEO and President of Empower Network, Mr. David Wood and David Sharpe, sought to seek a lucrative solution to a complex problem so many battled day in and day out in this online marketing space – how to build a business while having a life.

What they since unlocked has been nothing short of amazing, simplifying a done-for-you process that has empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals to date with no signs of slowing down or stopping anytime soon.

What’s Empower Network’s secret to success?

• Is it the powerful blogging system?
• The transformational leadership?
• The company management mastery?
• The 100% commission compensation plan?
• The superior marketing and training products?
• The live self-growth events?

Or is it a rare combination and functionality of them all?

When’s the last time any internet business has ever witnessed one company, one opportunity, and one system come together to all fall under one umbrella that offers such a fascinating array and selection of tools, knowledge and pleasures never assembled until now.

As I sit here on a 4 hour flight back to San Diego from the Empower Network Get Money 2013 Chicago event, I just want to sit down and collect my thoughts, feelings, emotions, break-throughs, key takeaways, and overall experience of what I got out of it as well as my impact and influence made there.

I think from the top down, it was an incredible experience built upon so many people aspiring to become the best version of themselves, developing into leaders on a mission to uplift and empower others that want the finer things in life such as freedom, financial independence and a loyal company.

Empower Network (a complete and comprehensive internet marketing content publishing blogging platform, personal development training, and purpose-driven financial opportunity) is breaking the status quo by shifting into a new pioneering-paradigm mindset with a unique freedom-oriented business model paying out higher commissions set out to uplift, empower, and change the industry standard amongst a crowded, over-populated and polluted MLM space.

Living an Empowered Lifestyle * Becoming an Empowered Master:

empower network lifestyle mastery

At EmpoweredNetwork.com, we are all about creating freedom and mastering lifestyle to Live an Empowered Lifestyle and Become an Empowered Master:

  • Benefit #1:Live life on your own time, terms, and schedule and call your own shots!
  • Benefit #2:Learn how to Empower Others by Practicing Self Mastery and Leading by Example
  • Benefit #3:Travel the World Building a Better Network, Following, Presence, and Audience
  • Benefit #4:Link up with Top Thought Leaders, Personal Development Experts, and Self-Growth Authorities
  • Benefit #5:Love life each and every day, fulfilling your higher purpose and inspiring intentions
  • Benefit #6:Leverage the Right Environment, Habits, and Desires to Produce Your Ideal Life

With Empowered Network, we know you need to make money online, have a home business coach, and proper guideline to live the work from home mobile lifestyle:

  • The Leaders of Empowered Network have had Success Online for over 7+ years
  • We are openly inviting you to allow us to become your Make Money Online Mentors
  • We want to be your Home Based Business Coach and Trainer
  • We want to leverage the right leadership and training for fastest results
  • We want to be committed to you helping you become the best version of yourself
  • We have the Ultimate SYSTEM that will help you Save Your Self Time Energy Money
  • We have the best Team, Community, and Network of Aspiring Entrepreneurs anywhere!
  • We have daily videos, trainings, tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to build your brand

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